100th Anniversary of Mandalay Palace Card interior

100th Anniversary of Mandalay Palace Card interior

Translated by Rachel Minus: Year on Logo is 1221 1321
100th Year Anniversary of Mandalay Palace Construction

Traditional Drum group called “Thu Nge Taw dobat group who moved to Mandalay

Dobat sound (drum sound)

In the year of 1214, like past kingdoms, moved from old palace of King Bo Daw,
to Mandalay where there is a beautiful lake.
As the prophecies say, shadow of the Hill and clean water,
with the sound of the Royal Drum, free from enemy.

Than Chat (Chanting)

Let the world knows that Yatanarpon is free of enemy, be prosperous (I don’t know how to translate 2nd last sentence as I don’t know the meaning of it)
Hay… Lar… Maung….. Yo….. Wah (Just making these sound)

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