Allandale, Rangoon. Typical Colonial-Burmese architecture.

A rare photo of the officer’s digs in the Cantonment. A place where visiting British officers were put up on visits to the capital. UDB

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  1. Elizabeth Agnew says:

    I am doing a family tree and just yesterday found that a lady on my tree (1920 ish) was described as “the prop. of the Allandale Hotel”. Her name was Grace Smith and she was the widow of a civil servant in the Public Works Department.
    The Smith family seemed to have lived Rangoon/Moulmein from 1820-1920.

  2. Arkar Kyaw says:

    Allandale was run by government since 1867
    Ref Hand book for burma 1867
    Your information was right after 1900
    Allandale was took care by european widows
    in Rangoon also mention in the book old Rangoon
    You shoukd trace by her husband name in India
    and burma civil list
    India burma office list by Thacker spink &co

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